A Treat from the Past – Cotton Candy

What does cotton candy remind you of? For me, cotton candy is the type of sweet that reminds me of my childhood, of the happy days when I was having fun with my parents at amusement parks. I think there is no other, simpler confectionery than this one that can push all of someone’s nostalgia points. Whenever I taste a bit of cotton candy, I feel like I travel back in time, and I relive all those joyous moments I used to share with my family. Even now, when we go to carnivals, amusement parks or any other summer events, I am the one to drag my kids to the nearest cotton candy machine, because I simply want one. Once I realized that I am still so much in love with this confectionery, I decided to order a cotton candy machine for home use. I can tell you now, hand on heart, that it is a decision I do not regret for one moment.


I can make as much cotton candy as I like

When we buy cotton candy from a local vendor at carnivals and such, I always feel like I cannot have enough. I know that I need to keep my sugar intake in check, but once in a while, I want to indulge in my guilty pleasure. So once I got the cotton candy machine for home use ( you can find which one is the best from this article ), as I told you about, I started making cotton candy. The entire family gathered around me and they were absolutely riveted! What I really like about these machines that are designed to make homemade cotton candy is that they come with a transparent lid, so you can see how the cotton candy is made inside. I still share the same joy as my kids as we watch together how the hard candy I throw inside is turned into my favorite sweet treat.


I can play with colors, if I want to

One thing I remember from my childhood days is how I was really disappointed when the cotton candy salesman ran out of my favorite color. I preferred blue cotton candy for some reason, and it looked like too many other kids had the same preference as me. So I often had to settle for pink cotton candy, which I was not so much in love with. Now, that I have my own cotton candy machine, I can make cotton candy in all the colors I want. Again, this is something that my kids absolutely love and they often ask me to make cotton candy in all the colors of the rainbow.


Needless to say, birthday parties are my favorite occasion for supplying everyone with cotton candy. I even discovered that I love making cotton candy as much as I enjoy eating it. It is so simple! You just get some hard candy and a cotton candy machine for home use, and you can start making all the cotton candy you want! Now, whenever I want to feel happier, I just need to treat myself with something sweet and I can do it without waiting for the next carnival to stop by.