My favorite old movies

The eighties were full of great movies that made us laugh, cry and occasionally scream. After all who could forget Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers? Honestly ever since Halloween first came out I’ve been a little creeped out by the holiday. Don’t even get me started on camping trips, Jason and his mother ruined that for me as well. Enough about the horror movies, here are a few of my favorite old movies that didn’t make me scream.


Pretty in Pink


Obviously if you grew up in the eighties you know who Molly Ringwald is, and Pretty in Pink is simply one of the best movies of all time. It portrayed all of the angst of teenage love, and was simply hilarious at the same time. Who could ever forget the foreign exchange student in the tree or Ducky dancing and lip syncing in the record store? Best of all everyone got a happy ending, including Michael Anthony Hall.



The Breakfast Club


This is one of the quintessential movies of the eighties. It accurately portrays every clique in an American high school, right down to the jock, geek, weirdo, and popular girl. The movie was funny and touching, and it did make you think. Maybe the person that sits next to you in Algebra wasn’t as bad as you thought. This movie also had an amazing soundtrack that I still love to listen to.



Better Off Dead


I still watch this movie every time I need a laugh. John Cusack is perfect in his role and has a great supporting cast. He even made attempted suicide seem strangely hilarious. This movie came with fast race cars, Japanese guys that only knew how to talk like Howard Cosell, and a best friend that was continuously sniffing up the snow. Of course this is also a love story, and yes John Cusack gets the girl at the end.



Nightmare on Elm Street


I know I said that I wasn’t going to include any horror movies but no great movie list from the eighties is complete without the original Nightmare on Elm Street. I still remember when it first came out, and I swear I was afraid to go to sleep for weeks after seeing it. Strangely enough, even though this movie still makes me scream it is also one of my favorites. I love curling up with my significant other and hiding during the scary parts. The best one is still when Freddy Krueger’s tongue comes out of the phone.