Preparing Breakfast for a Large Family – Some Shortcuts

When you have a large family, as I have, putting together meals can be pretty challenging. Getting everything right so that everyone around the table can enjoy their food is not exactly an easy task, and I am speaking from experience. There are, however, some shortcuts that can help you a great deal when you have to cook breakfast for a numerous family, and I want to share them with you.


The basics – the perfect toast


If I want to make no mistakes when I’m cooking breakfast, I go for toast as the basic for a nutritious and delicious meal. For this purpose I got the Oster TSSTTRWF4S 4-Slice Toaster that is capable of making enough toast in an efficient manner so I can feed my entire family. I used to have a 2 slice toaster, but it was simply not enough for everyone at home, so I had to ditch it in favor of this particular model. I have to tell you that I have no regrets and I cannot imagine breakfast without it.


The best part about it is, of course, that it can toast 4 slices at the same time. By the moment when everyone is around the table, I have enough toast for everyone. What I also like about it is that it allows you to toast frozen bread, which is really a time saver for me, since mornings in my family can be pretty hectic. I just take the frozen slices and stuff them in the toaster, and I get crispy, toasted to perfection bread that everyone enjoys.


The piece of resistance, so to speak, is, however, the fact that I can choose how brown the slices to be, or how much toasted. Since there are no two people in my family who have the same preferences, this particular feature of this toaster is exactly what I was aiming for when I got it. Now, everyone in my family is more than happy with their toast, and I am happy, too.


Using a baking tray for bacon


Toast is, of course, a staple, but so is bacon. Since everyone in my family enjoys crispy bacon strips, I need to make quite a lot. Here is the shortcut I use. I place all the strips on a large baking tray and I put it in the oven. To make things even more interesting, I twist the strips of bacon before baking them, so they have a quirky shape, but, also, because for some reason, they tend to be crispier this way. I suppose it’s all physics, just that I don’t know exactly how it works.


Scrambled eggs fast and easy


Besides toast and bacon, I serve my family with scrambled eggs first thing in the morning. I do this not only because it is a simple dish to make, but also because this is how I can successfully insert a few veggies, so they do not eat only protein and bread. I found onions and peppers to work like a charm with scrambled eggs, and it seems that all my family is happy with my recipe.

I hope these shortcuts will help you with cooking for a large family, as well.