My Favorite Music Bands from the 80s

Anyone who still remembers the funky tunes of the 80s and maybe even dances to them must have a few favorites. I know I do and that is why I will dedicate the post to listing the 80s bands that I truly love.


  1. Queen


I know they played music for longer than the 80s, but I think the sound invented and made fabulous by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon is significant for the decade we are talking about. With hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Another One Bites the Dust and many, many others, as well as their impressive live performances, the guys from Queen really put their mark on the history of music, and that is why, for me, they are Number One.


  1. Duran Duran


I am not only a big fan of the rock genre, so I have to include a pop band, too. Since the 80s were dedicated to the pop genre by excellence, I could not possibly create a top with the best bands from these years, without including Duran Duran. A band formed in 1978 in Birmingham, these guys imposed themselves as more than just a band from the New Romantic wave, like Spandau Ballet. My favorite piece from them is still Girls on Film, for which the band shot a pretty controversial video at that time, which they hoped to see played on Playboy TV.


  1. Eurythmics


Why should I go and include Eurythmics on my list? Well, it’s simple … because Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). Unlike other bands in the 80s that began with a strong debut album, Annie Lennox and David Steward did not enter the stage with a blast. Second time lucky, they showed everything what they were made of with the second album they released in 1983.


  1. AC/DC


There is hardly anyone who grew up in the 80s who hasn’t at least once scribbled the name of this band on their desk at school, risking reprimand from teachers and parents. Listening to AC/DC meant being free, being a rebel, and I still get the same feeling of absolute freedom and like being on top of the world when I listen to their songs. Although they started in the 70s and continued well into the third millennium, I found that the best albums they ever created are those from the 80s. Back in Black signaled the beginning of a new era.


  1. Tears for Fears


Another Brit band lands on my personal top. Why not? The synthesizer was making its big entrance in the 80s, and some guys just nailed it right. Besides Duran Duran, Tears for Fears were among the giants who, in my eyes, created the synth genre that was going to be so iconic for the 80s.


These are my favorite bands from the 80s. As you can see, I am not particular about a specific music genre, and greatness is the defining word that links of all these bands together.



The 80s nostalgia

Writing has always been my way of relaxing and acquiring a peaceful state of mind. Years ago, in high-school, I used to keep a diary, where I would daily note all the significant events taking place in my life: my disappointments, my joys, my moments of anger, all sort of things like that. Many years have passed since then and I forgot about that small, red notebook, only to find it one day in my parents’ house. It was lying forgotten in the corner of a small closet in my old room and I stumbled upon it while doing some general cleaning. I was so shocked to find it there that I immediately put aside all other work and started reading random pages from it. I could once again feel my 16 years old self resurfacing from those old pages. I felt a sudden urge to go back to that era when I didn’t need to worry about money, jobs and housing.


The 80s were great for an adolescent. I was an avid music listener and I was regularly going to the cinema. Listening to music nowadays baffles me – I can’t find anything worth hearing but some of the bands that have survived since the 80s or the 90s. I may be old and lacking the power of reinventing my tastes and hobbies, but I’d rather accept that than listen to another of these dreadful songs.  That’s why I’ve decided to get in touch with myself at 16 and revive my old passions: movies and music, and maybe even inspire some of the youngsters today to explore more of the past. I feel like we had a sort of idealism and a naivety of looking at things that adolescents lost today. Maybe they’re bombarded with too much media and articles telling them how life should look like and forget that there’s no recipe for a great life.


Still, my preoccupations were entirely different. I collected magazines, postcards, dreamt about meeting some of my favorite actors in person, the kind of things girls think about when they reach a certain age. But, on the other hand I wanted to get a good education and become someone. Although I had plenty of fun in my high-school years, I used to spend time at the library too, reading novels, poetry and not only what was required in my English classes. I’d like to add that I wasn’t a top student in my generation, but that didn’t prevent me from reading and studying.


Anyway, maybe I’m being too critical and this is not the purpose of this blog. As I was a great admirer of movies, music and, strangely enough cooking TV programs and cooking in general, I’d like to try going back in time and write about these on my new blog. I know I should’ve started with introducing myself. I’m Janice Christie and I will take you back in the 80s.