My Favorite Music Bands from the 80s

Anyone who still remembers the funky tunes of the 80s and maybe even dances to them must have a few favorites. I know I do and that is why I will dedicate the post to listing the 80s bands that I truly love.


  1. Queen


I know they played music for longer than the 80s, but I think the sound invented and made fabulous by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon is significant for the decade we are talking about. With hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Another One Bites the Dust and many, many others, as well as their impressive live performances, the guys from Queen really put their mark on the history of music, and that is why, for me, they are Number One.


  1. Duran Duran


I am not only a big fan of the rock genre, so I have to include a pop band, too. Since the 80s were dedicated to the pop genre by excellence, I could not possibly create a top with the best bands from these years, without including Duran Duran. A band formed in 1978 in Birmingham, these guys imposed themselves as more than just a band from the New Romantic wave, like Spandau Ballet. My favorite piece from them is still Girls on Film, for which the band shot a pretty controversial video at that time, which they hoped to see played on Playboy TV.


  1. Eurythmics


Why should I go and include Eurythmics on my list? Well, it’s simple … because Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). Unlike other bands in the 80s that began with a strong debut album, Annie Lennox and David Steward did not enter the stage with a blast. Second time lucky, they showed everything what they were made of with the second album they released in 1983.


  1. AC/DC


There is hardly anyone who grew up in the 80s who hasn’t at least once scribbled the name of this band on their desk at school, risking reprimand from teachers and parents. Listening to AC/DC meant being free, being a rebel, and I still get the same feeling of absolute freedom and like being on top of the world when I listen to their songs. Although they started in the 70s and continued well into the third millennium, I found that the best albums they ever created are those from the 80s. Back in Black signaled the beginning of a new era.


  1. Tears for Fears


Another Brit band lands on my personal top. Why not? The synthesizer was making its big entrance in the 80s, and some guys just nailed it right. Besides Duran Duran, Tears for Fears were among the giants who, in my eyes, created the synth genre that was going to be so iconic for the 80s.


These are my favorite bands from the 80s. As you can see, I am not particular about a specific music genre, and greatness is the defining word that links of all these bands together.



My favorite old movies

The eighties were full of great movies that made us laugh, cry and occasionally scream. After all who could forget Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers? Honestly ever since Halloween first came out I’ve been a little creeped out by the holiday. Don’t even get me started on camping trips, Jason and his mother ruined that for me as well. Enough about the horror movies, here are a few of my favorite old movies that didn’t make me scream.


Pretty in Pink


Obviously if you grew up in the eighties you know who Molly Ringwald is, and Pretty in Pink is simply one of the best movies of all time. It portrayed all of the angst of teenage love, and was simply hilarious at the same time. Who could ever forget the foreign exchange student in the tree or Ducky dancing and lip syncing in the record store? Best of all everyone got a happy ending, including Michael Anthony Hall.



The Breakfast Club


This is one of the quintessential movies of the eighties. It accurately portrays every clique in an American high school, right down to the jock, geek, weirdo, and popular girl. The movie was funny and touching, and it did make you think. Maybe the person that sits next to you in Algebra wasn’t as bad as you thought. This movie also had an amazing soundtrack that I still love to listen to.



Better Off Dead


I still watch this movie every time I need a laugh. John Cusack is perfect in his role and has a great supporting cast. He even made attempted suicide seem strangely hilarious. This movie came with fast race cars, Japanese guys that only knew how to talk like Howard Cosell, and a best friend that was continuously sniffing up the snow. Of course this is also a love story, and yes John Cusack gets the girl at the end.



Nightmare on Elm Street


I know I said that I wasn’t going to include any horror movies but no great movie list from the eighties is complete without the original Nightmare on Elm Street. I still remember when it first came out, and I swear I was afraid to go to sleep for weeks after seeing it. Strangely enough, even though this movie still makes me scream it is also one of my favorites. I love curling up with my significant other and hiding during the scary parts. The best one is still when Freddy Krueger’s tongue comes out of the phone.


Preparing Breakfast for a Large Family – Some Shortcuts

When you have a large family, as I have, putting together meals can be pretty challenging. Getting everything right so that everyone around the table can enjoy their food is not exactly an easy task, and I am speaking from experience. There are, however, some shortcuts that can help you a great deal when you have to cook breakfast for a numerous family, and I want to share them with you.


The basics – the perfect toast


If I want to make no mistakes when I’m cooking breakfast, I go for toast as the basic for a nutritious and delicious meal. For this purpose I got the Oster TSSTTRWF4S 4-Slice Toaster that is capable of making enough toast in an efficient manner so I can feed my entire family. I used to have a 2 slice toaster, but it was simply not enough for everyone at home, so I had to ditch it in favor of this particular model. I have to tell you that I have no regrets and I cannot imagine breakfast without it.


The best part about it is, of course, that it can toast 4 slices at the same time. By the moment when everyone is around the table, I have enough toast for everyone. What I also like about it is that it allows you to toast frozen bread, which is really a time saver for me, since mornings in my family can be pretty hectic. I just take the frozen slices and stuff them in the toaster, and I get crispy, toasted to perfection bread that everyone enjoys.


The piece of resistance, so to speak, is, however, the fact that I can choose how brown the slices to be, or how much toasted. Since there are no two people in my family who have the same preferences, this particular feature of this toaster is exactly what I was aiming for when I got it. Now, everyone in my family is more than happy with their toast, and I am happy, too.


Using a baking tray for bacon


Toast is, of course, a staple, but so is bacon. Since everyone in my family enjoys crispy bacon strips, I need to make quite a lot. Here is the shortcut I use. I place all the strips on a large baking tray and I put it in the oven. To make things even more interesting, I twist the strips of bacon before baking them, so they have a quirky shape, but, also, because for some reason, they tend to be crispier this way. I suppose it’s all physics, just that I don’t know exactly how it works.


Scrambled eggs fast and easy


Besides toast and bacon, I serve my family with scrambled eggs first thing in the morning. I do this not only because it is a simple dish to make, but also because this is how I can successfully insert a few veggies, so they do not eat only protein and bread. I found onions and peppers to work like a charm with scrambled eggs, and it seems that all my family is happy with my recipe.

I hope these shortcuts will help you with cooking for a large family, as well.


A Treat from the Past – Cotton Candy

What does cotton candy remind you of? For me, cotton candy is the type of sweet that reminds me of my childhood, of the happy days when I was having fun with my parents at amusement parks. I think there is no other, simpler confectionery than this one that can push all of someone’s nostalgia points. Whenever I taste a bit of cotton candy, I feel like I travel back in time, and I relive all those joyous moments I used to share with my family. Even now, when we go to carnivals, amusement parks or any other summer events, I am the one to drag my kids to the nearest cotton candy machine, because I simply want one. Once I realized that I am still so much in love with this confectionery, I decided to order a cotton candy machine for home use. I can tell you now, hand on heart, that it is a decision I do not regret for one moment.


I can make as much cotton candy as I like

When we buy cotton candy from a local vendor at carnivals and such, I always feel like I cannot have enough. I know that I need to keep my sugar intake in check, but once in a while, I want to indulge in my guilty pleasure. So once I got the cotton candy machine for home use ( you can find which one is the best from this article ), as I told you about, I started making cotton candy. The entire family gathered around me and they were absolutely riveted! What I really like about these machines that are designed to make homemade cotton candy is that they come with a transparent lid, so you can see how the cotton candy is made inside. I still share the same joy as my kids as we watch together how the hard candy I throw inside is turned into my favorite sweet treat.


I can play with colors, if I want to

One thing I remember from my childhood days is how I was really disappointed when the cotton candy salesman ran out of my favorite color. I preferred blue cotton candy for some reason, and it looked like too many other kids had the same preference as me. So I often had to settle for pink cotton candy, which I was not so much in love with. Now, that I have my own cotton candy machine, I can make cotton candy in all the colors I want. Again, this is something that my kids absolutely love and they often ask me to make cotton candy in all the colors of the rainbow.


Needless to say, birthday parties are my favorite occasion for supplying everyone with cotton candy. I even discovered that I love making cotton candy as much as I enjoy eating it. It is so simple! You just get some hard candy and a cotton candy machine for home use, and you can start making all the cotton candy you want! Now, whenever I want to feel happier, I just need to treat myself with something sweet and I can do it without waiting for the next carnival to stop by.



The 80s nostalgia

Writing has always been my way of relaxing and acquiring a peaceful state of mind. Years ago, in high-school, I used to keep a diary, where I would daily note all the significant events taking place in my life: my disappointments, my joys, my moments of anger, all sort of things like that. Many years have passed since then and I forgot about that small, red notebook, only to find it one day in my parents’ house. It was lying forgotten in the corner of a small closet in my old room and I stumbled upon it while doing some general cleaning. I was so shocked to find it there that I immediately put aside all other work and started reading random pages from it. I could once again feel my 16 years old self resurfacing from those old pages. I felt a sudden urge to go back to that era when I didn’t need to worry about money, jobs and housing.


The 80s were great for an adolescent. I was an avid music listener and I was regularly going to the cinema. Listening to music nowadays baffles me – I can’t find anything worth hearing but some of the bands that have survived since the 80s or the 90s. I may be old and lacking the power of reinventing my tastes and hobbies, but I’d rather accept that than listen to another of these dreadful songs.  That’s why I’ve decided to get in touch with myself at 16 and revive my old passions: movies and music, and maybe even inspire some of the youngsters today to explore more of the past. I feel like we had a sort of idealism and a naivety of looking at things that adolescents lost today. Maybe they’re bombarded with too much media and articles telling them how life should look like and forget that there’s no recipe for a great life.


Still, my preoccupations were entirely different. I collected magazines, postcards, dreamt about meeting some of my favorite actors in person, the kind of things girls think about when they reach a certain age. But, on the other hand I wanted to get a good education and become someone. Although I had plenty of fun in my high-school years, I used to spend time at the library too, reading novels, poetry and not only what was required in my English classes. I’d like to add that I wasn’t a top student in my generation, but that didn’t prevent me from reading and studying.


Anyway, maybe I’m being too critical and this is not the purpose of this blog. As I was a great admirer of movies, music and, strangely enough cooking TV programs and cooking in general, I’d like to try going back in time and write about these on my new blog. I know I should’ve started with introducing myself. I’m Janice Christie and I will take you back in the 80s.